World civilization Festival'22 in Grand Rapids Public Museum

Date: 10-18-2022

AAIPA participated into an annual festival event that was held at Grand Rapids Public Museum, Michigan. We were proud to show the Iraqi culture, dressed up with tradition dresses and displayed important monument of Iraq. We want to thank Grand Rapids Public Museum for this kind of festival where people can know other cultures.

Seminar : International Cooperation Agreement on Patents for Invention

Date: 10-22-2022

AAIPA held a seminar on Cooperation agreement patents for invention of PCT. It describes the process of how to submit an international application. There were inventors, associates and Professors were attended into the seminar.

WIPO Announcement

Date: 10-24-2022

We are pleased to announce that WIPO is officially recognized American Arab Intellectual Property Association (AAIPA) as a Non-Governmental National Organization in US.
List of observers in WIPO

Creative Child Development workshop was held in IoT kids Heaquarter

Date: 08-20-2022

AAIPA organized with IoT Kids to organize a workshop on Creative Child Development on 08/20/2022. The main goal is to teach children the principles of intellectual property, elements of innovation and learn a simplified explanation of copyright. The goal is to educate for inclusive and sustainable development in the society. Kids are the future. It's our duty to prepare and show them. They will explore and contribute to the society with they innovation. We appreciate IoT KIDS for their support.

Young Talent Competition prize giving ceremony on May 9, 2022

Date: 05-09-2022

The American Arab Intellectual Property Association (AAIPA) and Al-Turath University are jointly organized the Young Talent Competition's prize giving ceremony in Iraq. It was held on May 9th, 2022 in Baghdad.

The American Arab Association for Intellectual Property held the Young Innovators Conference in Iraq in cooperation with the University College of Heritage on May 9 at 10 am at the headquarters of the University Heritage College in the morning. It included an exhibition of innovations and arts with the participation of students and university professors in the above presentations, as well as a seminar on intellectual property rights, which was concluded by distributing prizes and medals to the first winners.

The conference was focused to educate others about Intellectual Property. Young inventors were gathered and showed their innovation. For more details of this event Click here
and Click here



The Inventors' Challenge 2024

AAIPA is organizing the Inventors' Challenge 2024. It's our 2nd year to organize this kind of event in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grand Rapids Public Museum will again partner with us to become a successful event. The application window is open, please join with us. For more details please follow the link


The Inventors' Challenge in Grand Rapids, MI

AAIPA is partnering with Grand Rapids Public Museum to organize an event for local and international students age from 8-25 years. It will be held in Grand Rapids Public Museum on 25th February,2024. For more details please follow the link


Young Talent Competition

The American Arab Intellectual Property Association announced for a competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Unfortunately, the event was postpone.


Young talent competition in Iraq

The event was successfully completed and prize ceremony was held in Iraq. Please follow the link for more information.